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Scott is an excellent mediator. Scott recently mediated a case for me which had four plaintiffs, three defendants, a challenging fact pattern and lots of raw feelings between the litigants. I did not think that there was any way that the case would settle at mediation. Scott worked with the parties on the case all day and he did a great job. Through Scott’s work, about 10 pm that night, we finally got a mediated settlement agreement signed by all of the parties. He did a great job of getting the case over the finish line. When it comes to mediating, Scott is smart, prepared, reasonable and dogged in pushing to make a deal. I will definitely use Scott again!!

Sam Johnson

Scott Douglass & McConnico, LLP, Austin

On limited notice, Scott diligently worked with us to settle a dispute that had been ongoing for nearly two years with no end in sight. Scott came into mediation having thoroughly read everything we had submitted and was well-versed in the minute details of the case despite only having been given information a few days prior. His calm demeanor helped our client work through tough, emotional issues. Scott never allowed the mediation to go sideways and stuck with us in the days following mediaiton to ensure that all the details were handled and the settlement agreement was signed. I highly recommend Scott Baker as a mediator.

Rekha Roarty

Bollier Ciccone, LLP, Austin

Scott Baker singlehandedly settled an ‘unsettleable’ case after a very difficult 15 hours. It was extraordinary for several reasons. Scott exhibited a level of patience that few possess, certainly not me. I packed up at least 4 times that day. . . . Scott also showed a high level of preparedness regarding the materials and the arguments, and his methodology was very meticulous and incremental. . . . It required Scott’s very methodical, ultra-patient approach that, even after hour 15, required his steady hand to get over the finish line. I was very impressed, and I’m happy to recommend Scott Baker’s mediation services.

Matt Williams

Law Firm of M. Matthew Williams, PLLC, Austin

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