Focusing exclusively on helping parties end conflict on their own terms and get back to business and life.
Scott Baker Mediation
Determined. Experienced. Persistent.

Be Done. Move Forward.

Scott facilitates, evaluates, and explores creative solutions to help parties put conflict behind them. He mediates nearly every type of civil and commercial dispute, from pre-litigation through appeal. Scott Baker Mediation offers several fee options for mediation, including a reduced fee for cases with lower amounts in controversy.

What SBM Mediates

Scott’s breadth of experience allows him to be effective mediating nearly every type of civil and commercial dispute.

Approach to Mediation

Mediation with Scott is not simply an exercise of shuttling offers between the parties. Scott is more than a facilitator—he’s also an effective evaluator and problem solver.

When and Where
SBM Mediates

Scott mediates disputes across Texas and other states at all stages, from pre-litigation through appeal.

About Scott Baker

Scott understands you, your client, your dispute, and the negotiation process. He is a tenacious advocate for resolution who uses his experience and expertise to help parties leave conflict behind.

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