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Scott Baker singlehandedly settled an “unsettleable” case after a very difficult 15 hours. It was extraordinary for several reasons. Scott exhibited a level of patience that few possess, certainly not me. I packed up at least 4 times that day. . . . Scott also showed a high level of preparedness regarding the materials and the arguments, and his methodology was very meticulous and incremental. . . . It required Scott’s very methodical, ultra-patient approach that, even after hour 15, required his steady hand to get over the finish line. I was very impressed, and I’m happy to recommend Scott Baker’s mediation services.

Matt Williams

Law Firm of M. Matthew Williams, PLLC, Austin

I would be hard-pressed to find a mediator more conscientious than Scott Baker. By far the most thorough, dedicated, and empathetic mediator with whom I’ve worked, Scott took painstaking efforts to fully understand the intricate facts and legal positions of each party as well as the parties themselves, fostering a trust and candidness that allowed a resolution to be borne. Scott stayed well past his scheduled time on the minute chance that settlement could be reached. Using his interpersonal skills, coupled with his obvious legal expertise and experience, Scott made possible the impossible. Scott Baker is now my recommended mediator.

Caryn McGraw

Law Office of Russell Frost, PLLC, Austin

Scott is an excellent mediator who is thorough, fair, and patient. A recent mediation with Scott put those skills on full display; there were multiple parties, multiple claims and cross-claims, and more than a little acrimony. Scott dove head first into the case, reading hundreds of pages of material and exhibits, and came to the mediation prepared to discuss each party’s position on their own terms. That knowledge, combined with Scott’s patience and results-oriented approach, led to a settlement where none was expected. I cannot recommend Scott highly enough and will absolutely use him in the future.

Matthew Murrell

Cleveland Terrazas PLLC, Austin

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