Approach to Mediation

While Scott tailors his approach to each dispute, there are some common characteristics of every mediation with Scott Baker Mediation.

Scott listens to what your client cares about and needs from an agreement and, understanding settlement dynamics and negotiation strategies, explores creative options and solutions and works tirelessly to help them reach one.

Mediation with Scott is not simply an exercise of shuttling offers between the parties. Scott is more than a facilitator—he’s also an effective evaluator and problem solver. Relying on his expertise, experience, preparation, and objectivity, Scott asks the tough questions of all parties and he talks frankly about each party’s evaluation and expectations of the potential rewards and risks of litigation.

A mediation with Scott will not fail for lack of resolve, energy, persistence, grit, hard work, or patience.

Scott knows how hard counsel work for their clients and that they are the experts of their client’s case. As part of Scott’s preparation for mediation, he talks with each attorney before the session to learn more about the parties and their concerns, the dispute, and dynamics between the parties. And if a dispute does not settle on the day of mediation, Scott continues to work with counsel after the mediation to help bridge gaps that weren’t closed on the day of mediation.

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